Design a home spa with innovative bathroom products

Design a home spa with innovative bathroom products

After years of changes, we’re adapting to a new lifestyle with a greater focus on sustainability and personalization. Product developments in various industries, especially the sanitary area, reflect this shift. Bathrooms are not strictly utilitarian anymore; bathrooms are a place where you pamper and care for yourself and your family.

Whether building a new home or planning a renovation, comfort, cleanliness, and convenience paired with enhanced hygiene inform your creative choices. Let’s look at the most innovative bathroom products introduced in 2022 to turn your bathroom into a relaxation sanctuary.

  • Statement™ & Anthem™ showering collections engage all the senses

    The Statement and Anthem showering collections create showering experiences that meet your exceptional, customized visions of perfect. The range of unique shapes and an array of sizes breathe new life into the shower space with the latest in technology, functionality, and enduring craftsmanship. The Statement collection includes a showerhead, handshowers, rainheads, and body sprays.

    The innovative Statement sprays immerse you in a reenvisioned showering experience, and universal compatibility means the system works wherever it is installed.

    The designs for Statement and Anthem collections are inspired by iconic furniture and home goods and defined by a soft, approachable aesthetic. They carry an underlying familiarity while yielding a natural interplay with other accessories within the space. Diversity of size, shape, and finish can be mixed and matched freely.

    Anthem valves and controls, tailored to exact specifications and altered according to needs, offer two valve platforms – digital and mechanical– to fit global plumbing standards. The simplified controls consolidate into a single hub to reduce clutter and complexity. These precision systems elevate the showering routine to the next level and tie in with our approach to digital showering.

  • Moxie™ handshower to shower like a popstar

    The Moxie handshower and wireless speaker, powered by Harman Kardon, help you relax and gather positive energy for the day. The innovative, waterefficient handshower easily docks in the handshower holder and the wireless speaker produces the clearest sound to temporarily free you from life’s worries. Sing along to your favorite tunes and you to carry it back into the rest of the bathroom, your bedroom, or anywhere you go.

  • Numi™ 2.0 intelligent toilet for the ultimate experience

    Creating a genuinely personalized, multisenory experience that features seamlessly integrated technology, Numi 2.0, our most-advanced toilet, is a bundle of innovative functionalities, sounds, and light. It elevates your bathroom experience by letting you fine-tune each option to your preferences without compromising on the latest, sleek design or water conservation.

    From warm-water cleansing and a heated seat to ambient lighting and air freshening, preset your ideal environment for each family member with a click of a button on the KOHLER Konnect™ app.

  • Innovative products can help you reimagine your home as a sanctuary and create a spa-like bathroom that is not only aesthetically pleasing, clean, and hygienic but also soothes your concerns for the environment through watersaving and energy efficiency.