Compose your day with Moxie handshower music and sprays

Compose your day with Moxie handshower music and sprays

Supercharge your day with the fun Moxie handshower and favorite music

  • Shower for your wellbeing

    Shower for your wellbeing

    The shower routine is quality time to yourself with warm water temporarily freeing you from life’s worries. It’s so ingrained in ourselves that we hardly notice the increased happiness, positive energy, and the additional spring in our step that we draw from the daily ritual. And yet, whether young or old, in turbulent times, we seek even more pampering, self-care, sensory experiences, and escapes to make us feel good.

  • Use water and music for increased energy flow

    Use water and music for increased energy flow

    So, we add a little beat to the mix. Many people enjoy listening to music while they shower. According to sound therapy science, music resounds within the body and also stimulates the brain. If we look at releasing tension and lowering stress, audio is key. Whether you prefer soothing nature sounds, energizing techno beats, classical symphonies, or whatever your favorite playlist contains, good sound quality from high-quality speakers helps you relax and may improve your overall health. The Moxie handshower with its wireless speaker [add link to landing page]that easily docks in the handshower is tuned to produce the clearest sound and best music in your bathroom sanctuary.

  • Inject positivity with your voice

    Inject positivity with your voice

    You can up the ultimate shower experience even more with your voice. Singing in the shower has many benefits and acts as a free therapy session or meditation. The relatively small space makes the sound bigger and more powerful as it reverberates off the walls and adds a little bass to your voice. It sounds richer, adds volume, can boost self-confidence, and exercises your facial muscles. Besides, singing also increases facial elasticity that leads to fewer wrinkles.

    Blasting out the latest pop song produces endorphins, happiness hormones in the brain, and as a side effect, boosts the lung function and breathing ability to strengthen the immune system or acts as a mini-meditation session. Unconsciously, you stand up straighter and assume good posture. You move your body, which causes the shoulder, neck, and spine to release any tension, and your blood oxygenates and circulates better. With Moxie handshower , you can also exercise all of this while talking on the phone with your loved one or taking an office call. It’s just a button away.

  • Make it your portable spa

    Make it your portable spa

    Once we leave the shower, we want to take the feel-good, relaxed, and lifted spirit with us throughout the day. The Moxie handshower’s wireless speaker, powered by Harman Kardon, allows you to easily undock it to carry the sound back into the rest of the bathroom, your bedroom, or anywhere you go. Choose to continue the beats or check in with your family or team at work right from the speaker by switching between shower and call mode.

  • Music is social

    Music is social

    Stars are born overnight or sometimes while rocking with the latest tunes from the shower. Don’t interrupt this energy flow— take the speakers anywhere you go and share music with friends and family at home and on the go. The innovative design and technology are pleasing to eyes and ears in any setting and a single charge runs for up to 9 hours. Learn more about the Moxie handshower and wireless speaker