3L Urinal Sensor with PSD Technology
Color : Vibrant Brushed Nickel
Available In
Indonesia (K-8881T-UC01-BN)
South Korea (K-8881T-UC01-BN)
Mongolia (K-8881T-UC01-BN)
Macau (K-8881T-UC01-BN)
APAC (K-8881T-UC01-BN)
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  • PSD sensor technology provides more reliable and accurate flushing performance
  • Similar to that of an autofocus camera, PSD senses the true distance of an object in relationship to the infrared eye and reduces false actuation due to variations in clothing, skin color, light and reflections
  • PVD vibrant finish for life
  • DC power supply. 8881T-UC03-0 with AC power supply
  • 3L water consumption

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