Thermostatic Dual Shower Column-Angular with Air-Induction Technology
Color : Polished Chrome
Available In
APAC (K-45352T-C9-CP)
China (K-45352T-C9-CP)
Indonesia (K-45352T-C9-CP)
Japan (K-45352T-C9-CP)
South Korea (K-45352T-C9-CP)
Laos (K-45352T-C9-CP)
Myanmar (K-45352T-C9-CP)
Mongolia (K-45352T-C9-CP)
Macau (K-45352T-C9-CP)
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  • KOHLER PVD coating, brilliant, durable
  • Katalyst™ air-induction technology
  • Compact and modern design follows the latest European fashion trends
  • Built-in thermostatic spool for a safe and comfortable shower experience;
  • Novel Renew streamlined multi-function shower for a new shower experience
  • Height-adjustable shower hose for a variety of installation environments
  • New leak-free design to improve your shower experience

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Collection: July™ Installation: Exposed
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