Make the most of your small bathroom.

Make the most of your small bathroom.

Contemporary apartments have smaller square footage than ever before. If you live in a densely populated city like Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Singapore, your bathroom most likely feels like a shoebox. As an adventurous minimalist, you can make your favorite room feel huge with just a few changes.

  • Create the illusion of space

    Create the illusion of space

    Before moving one piece of furniture, maximize the room by bringing the outside in. Take advantage of the window and natural light coming in, and use mirrors and glass materials to double the reflective impact inside.

    Natural wall colors such as pastels, light blue, green, cream, and off-white amplify the light, which can further be optimized with well-placed artificial light sources to give the room an airy vibe. Combined with glossy tiles or partly lacquered walls, the atmosphere becomes bouncy and fresh. While reducing the color contrast, adding various surface textures keeps the space from falling flat.

    Look at the  MaxiSpace 2.0  vertical and horizontal light options to lighten the space.

  • Minimize furniture to open up space

    Minimize furniture to open up space

    Use the minimalist approach by replacing a regular swinging door with a sliding door or the bathtub with a shower featuring an overhead shower panel. Think about what can go and what can be optimized.

    It’s all about proportion. Fixtures need to be chosen at the correct scale of the room. The smaller the space, the simpler and more compact they need to be. A round toilet bowl replaces the elongated model, wall-mounted faucets save vanity space, and a wall mounted vanity with softer corners opens floor space and provides a slew of storage possibilities. It also prevents you from banging into the edges.

    In addition to taller cabinets for storage or shelves displaying beautiful objects, the vanity and mirror combination may hold items you use daily. The built-in storage helps to decrease clutter on the vanity top.

    Check out the MaxiSpace 2.0 multipurpose vanity for ideas.

  • Protect your environment

    Protect your environment

    As we strive for a healthy and hygienic living environment, consider safe building materials. In a small bathroom where humidity is high, environmentally protected, eco friendly materials, void of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde, help shield from pollution and irritants.

    Have a look at MaxiSpace 2.0 E1-certified material that assures quality and safety

  • Design to last

    Design to last

    Keeping in mind the frequency of use, bathroom furniture needs to be durable. High-quality, stylish, eco-friendly, and reliable material will save you from worries in the long run. Regardless of how many times you open and close the drawers and how much water you splash around, high-durability furniture gives you peace of mind.

    Learn more about MaxiSpace 2.0 durability testing and quality controls.

  • Make it yours

    Make it yours

    Personalize the little room with décor. Tiny, rounded shelves fit in every corner to hold cosmetics or vases. A basket with fresh towels or bespoke artwork makes the space memorable and add warmth. But remember to leave some negative space to let the eye rest and the mind imagine a larger area.

    Check out everything there is to know about MaxiSpace 2.0.