Kitchen faucets that suit your style and needs.

Kitchen faucets that suit your style and needs.

A new generation and range of kitchen faucets offer more functionality and designs than ever. Faucet styles fit a variety of kitchen designs whether they are vintage, contemporary, or somewhere in between. A range of the latest kitchen faucets help you beautify your kitchen, make your prep and cleanup tasks more convenient with sophisticated functionalities, and keep your kitchen cleaner. From beginner cooks to pro home chefs, the right equipment facilitates the tasks and looks great.

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  • Bold expression

    Bold expression

    Drawing on inspiration rooted deep in Americana, the Graze  kitchen faucet design is eye catching. The strong silhouette designed to fit Asian kitchens and cooking styles remind of the steel industry where iron was forged. It departs from more delicate smooth round lines favoring a strong style statement in your space with state of the art

  • Contemporary functionality

    Contemporary functionality

    Efficiency paired with contemporary, minimalist looks, Crue kitchen faucet features a simple arched spout and single lever handle, single and thoughtful functionalities. It offers a straightforward style that adapts to nearly any kitchen design with four finishes options: Vibrant Stainless, Polished Chrome, Matte Black, and Modern Brushed Brass. Well appointed with touchless or voice activated functions, it is an efficient and hygienic kitchen helper.

  • Touchless hygiene

    Touchless hygiene

    A hands off design and superior function decrease the spread of germs. Malleco touchless pull down faucet with Response technology makes kitchen tasks easier and reduces messes in the space. The state of the art sensor enables simple water activation. A powerful spray forms a blade of water to wash debris into the drain, and DockNetik secures the sprayhead in place. The two function touch control lets you easily switch the water stream.

  • Prep work designed

    Prep work designed

    Ease and efficiency for prep work combined with a delicate balance between modern minimalism and familiar coziness define the Purist semi professional kitchen faucet, an extension of the Purist family. The strong architectural form inspiration stems from designs of the busiest professional kitchens. The three function sprayhead lets you cycle through a range of tasks at the touch of a button: an aerated stream for rinsing, spray function for cleaning, and fast filling for pots and pitchers.

  • Convenient work style options

    Convenient work style options

    Single handle or two handles? Wall mount or deck mount? Sidespray or pull out spray? No matter what your preferences are, there is a kitchen faucet to match your work style and aesthetic sense. The faucet controls placement can optimize your work area, for example, one Simplice™  pull down faucet with a remote valve control lever on the side of the spout or the all

  • Filter in more purpose

    Filter in more purpose

    Clean water is a real concern. High quality water filtration systems can improve the water quality at home and in the kitchen. Sleek and minimalist Carafe filtered water faucets come in two options with a separate faucet for drinking water and both filtered and unfiltered water from a single faucet.

  • The more the merrier

    The more the merrier

    Cooking has become a popular social activity with family and friends joining in. As a result, kitchen floorplans are adapted to accommodate multiple workstations and often feature more than one sink. An additional kitchen faucet can help make entertaining, prepping, and cleaning easier. To reduce competition for the main kitchen faucet, create a beverage station with a bar sink faucet in the kitchen island or outsource the beverage station to the dining room. Create a food prep station in another area of the kitchen with its ink and faucet, so multiple cooks can work independently without getting in each other’s way. Kitchen faucets are versatile and stylish. They can make your life and cooking easier and let you relax in your dream kitchen.