Reconsidering the Kitchen Faucet

Reconsidering the Kitchen Faucet

The new generation of kitchen faucets offers more functionality than ever before.

And the styles are up-to-the-minute, whether your kitchen design is vintage, contemporary, or somewhere in between. Today, it’s easy to find a faucet that will beautify your kitchen and make your prep and cleanup tasks easier.

  • Yesterday and Today

    Yesterday and Today

    Bridge faucets like the Purist® deck-mount bridge faucet neatly "bridge" the generational divide, combining a contemporary aesthetic with traditional design. Wall-mounted faucets are also available in either classic or contemporary styles.

    Contemporary design fans also have a wide range of options. The Karbon® articulating deck-mount faucet pivots and twists into an amazing array of positions for pinpoint spray accuracy. And it sports an ultra-cool, industrial-inspired look. Or consider the Purist pullout kitchen faucet, a great solution for those who prefer a more subtle design.

    A minimalist look doesn't have to mean limited design choices or fewer features. Like the Purist kitchen faucets, the Evoke® line of single-handle kitchen faucets is available with a pullout spray or an optional separate sidespray, and it comes in a variety of finishes. Both offer a compact three-function sprayhead with a spray setting, an aerated flow option, and a handy pause function, so you can temporarily stop the flow of water during use.

  • Have it your way

    Have it your way

    Single-handle or two-handle? Wall-mount or deck-mount? Sidespray or pullout spray? No matter your needs, there is a kitchen faucet to suit your work style.

    You can have the choice of where to place the faucet controls. One Simplice® pull- down faucet model features a remote valve that places the control lever to the side of the spout. Prefer an all-in-one solution? Choose a model with an integrated lever for a unified appearance.

  • Two for one

    More homeowners than ever are seeking high-quality water filtration systems in their homes. You can opt for a separate faucet for your filtered drinking water, like the Carafe® filtered water faucet. Carafe offers both filtered and unfiltered water from a single faucet, and has a sleek, minimalist look.

  • The more the merrier

    The more the merrier

    Cooking has become more of a social activity, with friends and family pitching in. As a result, kitchens are trending larger, with multiple workstations, and often featuring more than one sink. A secondary kitchen faucet can help make entertaining, prep and cleanup easier. Here are a few ideas:

    • To reduce competition for the main kitchen faucet, create a beverage station with a bar sink faucet in an island or right in your dining room.
    • Create a dedicated food prep area in a separate area of the kitchen with its own sink and faucet, so multiple cooks can work independently without getting in each other’s way.

    All of these kitchen faucets are more versatile and stylish than ever before, and make your life easier by putting water right where you need it.

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