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Organize Your Grooming Space

Organize Your Grooming Space

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it pays to really think about the space you’ll use the most: The cabinet, lavatory and mirror area. Making this “grooming station” as efficient as possible, with a place for everything and everything in its place, has the potential to get you organized once and for all. It can speed up your morning routine and make it easier to wind down and relax in the evening.

  • The more subtle, yet no less important, benefits? The potential to relieve and unclutter your mind, offering a more positive start to the day—and maybe even a better night’s sleep.

  • Vanity fair

    Vanity fair

    Your first step in thinking about the perfect grooming space is the focal point, the cabinet. This is where the action is — not to mention all your stuff.

    If you’re working with a shared space, like a master bathroom, you’ll want to consider creating two separate grooming areas. While we’re not claiming it’s a silver bullet for harmonious cohabitation, this configuration does offer the most flexibility and can go a long way toward easing the typical tensions of sharing a space.

    Your vanity will need to be at least 60” to accommodate two lavatories. Or, you can pair two smaller cabinets side by side, creating spaces that address each user’s needs. Consider placing a lap drawer or two-drawer bridge between two cabinets for a custom configuration that provides extra workspace and storage.

    If you don’t have space for a double cabinet, you can still build a high level of function into your grooming space with petite cabinets as small as 23 inches.

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  • Installation options

    Installation options

    If you’re planning to replace your flooring, consider a furniture-leg style cabinet — they’re a little more elegant in design and can make the room look a little more spacious. Or, consider a wall-mount cabinet for a clean, modern look and easy cleaning underneath.

    If you’re just replacing the cabinet and keeping the existing floor, a toe-kick option is your best bet, because the cabinet base goes all the way to the floor.

    If you’re placing your cabinet in a corner, you can give your space a custom look by adding small details like a side splash for your vanity top and a filler strip to bridge the gap between the cabinet and the wall.

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  • Storage is key

    Storage is key

    Getting all of those jars, bottles and boxes off your countertops is key to getting your bathroom de-cluttered and better organized. But you’ll want to have those important items close by, at your fingertips, so your morning routine goes smoothly. That’s why the most efficient cabinets include the following features:

    Convenient in-drawer storage designed specifically for makeup and shaving accessories.

    In-door storage, including adjustable shelves and rollout drawers, and appliance trays to keep everyday items organized and within easy reach.

    Electrical outlets mounted to the inside of the cabinet or a built-in electrical strip so you can store hot items out of sight without having to wait for them to cool. They can also keep electric toothbrushes off the counter until you’re ready to use them.

    Stackable storage and drawer dividers that can make your space work perfectly for you.
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  • Mirrored Cabinets

    Mirrored Cabinets

    There’s a reason mirrored cabinets have been a mainstay in bathrooms for decades: It’s convenient to have items you use every day—like medication, eye drops, and other personal-care items—handy and at eye-level. But mirrored cabinets have definitely evolved. Here are features to consider:

    1. Mirrored cabinets with a triple-mirror design — with mirrors on the front and back of the cabinet and the inside — allow you to see the sides and back of your head with ease. They’re also more convenient, allowing you simultaneous access to a mirror and the cabinet’s contents, so you open and close the cabinet only once while you groom.
    2. A sliding magnifying mirror that adjusts to your height and keeps your hands free.
    3. Adjustable shelves for easier organization. Glass shelves can make it easier to find what you need.
    4. An electrical outlet is included within the medicine cabinets for added convenience when getting ready for your day.
    5. Mirrored cabinets that are configured to open either from left or right for even greater convenience, which comes in handy in small bathrooms where space is tight.
    6. Add optimally bright task lighting (up to 1300 Lumens) with consistent lighting, so there are no dark and hot spots.

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  • Shine a light

    Shine a light

    Good lighting is definitely important for an efficient grooming space. But brightness is only one aspect of it. To avoid uneven illumination and unflattering shadows, make sure you have multiple light sources installed at different angles.

    Use a combination of ambient and task lighting to help achieve a balanced light intensity. Select bulbs that emanate soft light from the middle of the color spectrum, so you can correctly judge skin tone and colors.

    Lighted mirrors and mirrored cabinets give off even, optimally bright lighting, which eliminates harsh shadows and hot spots. Better lighting gives you a better view. So if your daily routine includes primping, plucking, shaving, brushing or applying make-up, install a lighted mirror or mirrored cabinet and see yourself in a whole new light. 

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  • Express your style

    Express your style

    Along with practical matters like getting organized, you’ll also want to think about how your cabinet will coordinate with the style, colors and finishes you’re envisioning for your bathroom, and what type of lavatory you’d like to integrate with it.

    Learn more about styling space considerations.

    The good news: We offer a huge selection of vanity styles and finishes, counter tops in dozens of colors, and a host of hardware types to consider.

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