Cleaning is the new cool.

Cleaning is the new cool.

Kohler’s ModernLife suite delivers maximum hygiene with minimum effort.

  • See The KOHLER ModernLife Suite

    See The KOHLER ModernLife Suite

    Designed for urban modern living, KOHLER ModernLife Suite delivers maximum hygiene with minimum effort.

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  • Toilet


  • KOHLER Anti-bacteria glaze

    KOHLER Anti-bacteria glaze applied into ModernLife toilet’s inner bowl is an innovative technology capable of killing bacteria and germs. The anti-bacteria glaze is not a surface coating, rather is built-into the bowl’s ceramic before the firing process, offering long-lasting effective protection from germs and bacteria for optimal hygiene of the toilet.


  • Quick release seat

    Quick release seat

    Quick-Release hinges enable removal of the toilet seat in seconds, facilitating fast and thorough cleaning of the entire toilet rim.

  • Scent pack

    Scent pack

    The removable and easy-to-replace built-in deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors while infusing a fresh and delightful fragrance in the bathroom.

  • Touchless


    Sensor-activated touchless flush technology leaves behind fewer germs and bacteria on the hands, ensuring greater hygiene.

  • Lavatory

  • Innovation drain

    Innovation drain

    The lavatory drain covered with white ceramics features useful hair and dirt blocker to prevent clogging of the drain pipe for enhanced peace of mind.

  • Lavatory’s water drain mechanism

    Lavatory’s water drain mechanism

    The lavatory’s water drain mechanism operates so that when the valve is open, the water directly flows down the drain pipe; while when the drain cap is pressed, the valve will re-direct the water to the U-trap pipe under the lavatory,preventing water overflows.

  • Bathroom furniture

  • Auxiliary sink-in-sink plastic basin

    Auxiliary sink-in-sink plastic basin

    The additional sink-in-sink plastic basin with cap provided by KOHLER Modern Life™ lavatory allows easy washing of small garments, and the basin can be conveniently stored underneath ModernLife bathroom cabinet.

  • LED lighting

    LED lighting

    The LED lighting positioned around the top-edge of the bathroom cabinet brightens the room and allows better visualization of the drawers’ interiors.

  • Convenient drawers

    Convenient drawers

    The interiors of KOHLER ModernLife bathroom cabinet’s drawers are removable and made of a dust-resistant coating for easier cleaning and maintenance.

  • Storage


    The drawers also feature convenient storage modules to better organize grooming and personal care items.