Leading the intelligent toilet industry

Leading the intelligent toilet industry

KOHLER® Intelligent Toilets will leave you feeling a cleaner kind of clean

  • Responding to the growing intelligent toilet market

    Responding to the growing intelligent toilet market

    Using voice assistance and smart lighting instead of flipping a light switch is common everywhere in a smart home. Products working together through voice activation, apps, or other technology also work seamlessly in the bathroom and toileting space.

    Intelligent toilets evolved from bidet seats in the early 1980s to full fledged automated technology wonders today. The global intelligent toilet market is estimated to grow to USD12.7 billion by 2025, reflecting end users’ interest in cleanliness, hygiene, and innovation.

    And technology doesn’t hinder design. Bold aesthetics transform bathrooms from intimate spaces to showpieces for guests and Instagram lovers. The toilet is often the centerpiece.

  • Searching for the best intelligent toilet experiences

    Searching for the best intelligent toilet experiences

    At Kohler, it is our passion to design and create the highest standards of toilets and steer the industry forward. A toilet can not only elevate a space, but it can define a sense of luxury and wellbeing. Our toilets have been a fixture in homes for over 140 years. Break through discoveries in personalization and user experience coupled with quality craftsmanship leads to innovative product designs.

    In design studios and manufacturing facilities around the world, our cross-disciplinary teams make use of the best knowledge, the latest technologies, and countless hours of research to perfect a product. They brainstorm, prototype, and develop processes and connect the dots for a gracious experience.

  • Shaping the intelligent toilet industry

    Shaping the intelligent toilet industry

    Already in 2004, integrated bidet and other features sales grew 10 times faster than the standard toilet category. Customer expectations advanced the toilet development from everyday objects into oasis of style, comfort, and cleanliness.

    A long line of innovation followed and cumulated in 2011 with the Numi intelligent toilet. Its outstanding design, powerful performance, and the industry’s positive response deepen our understanding of wellness and didn’t let us rest. Additionally, motivated by countless industry awards, our experts strove to transform the intelligent toilet industry by finding a balance to deliver significant improvements on bidet and cleansing features and flushing.

  • The power and efficiency of intelligent toilets

    The power and efficiency of intelligent toilets

    Kohler’s range of intelligent toilets is cleaner and more powerful with ever greater efficiency. Advanced research and our in-house expertise in user experience resulted in the design of the most intelligent toilet yet: Numi 2.0. The self-cleaning stainless-steel wands, and automatic, touchless flushing reduces the spread of germs and helps to conserve water.The contemporary design with sensory, light, and sound functionalities transformed this intelligent toilet into an interactive sculpture of beauty and design.