An entirely new experience has arrived in Singapore, Bangkok and Taipei.

An entirely new experience has arrived in Singapore, Bangkok and Taipei.

A KOHLER Experience Center (KEC) offers an immersion in the global offering of KOHLER products through product galleries, interactive product displays and SPA experiences. KECs house global product lines available across the world so the best products are sourced for each project, wherever it may be in the world.

At KECs the Global Projects and Specification experts work closely with the A&D community throughout the specification process to provide support from initial planning to product selection to post-installation. KECs are the best location to experience KOHLER products and services, as well as receive attentive and professional advice to fulfil retail customers’ requirements.

Inspired by KOHLER's vision to live on the leading edge of design and technology, the KECs in Singapore, Bangkok and Taipei not only feature an outstanding interior design where to experience the global product offering of KOHLER, they also offer advanced technological features - including interactive touch screens and virtual reality as well as hologram-based product display to ensure an innovative and engaging product experience.

KOHLER’s team of experts are passionate, knowledgeable personnel providing valuable consult and advice throughout the journey to help our partners and customers bring their ideas to life.

Enjoy your visit to the Asia KOHLER Experience Centers.

KECSGP (Singapore)

KECBKK (Bangkok)

KECTPE (Taipei)