Dimensions of Wellbeing

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Dimensions of Wellbeing Defined

Dimensions of Wellbeing speaks to the connection between physical spaces and personal wellbeing—how we interact with a space and how it responds to our needs—with an emphasis on our personal habits and hygiene and their role in our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Cleanliness and hygiene have been core values at Kohler for more than 145 years, and we support environments that unite form with function to recognize these basic but crucial needs. By designing spaces that meet our need for hygiene, architects and designers have the power to contribute to wellbeing on personal, social and environmental scales.

Designing Wellbeing

Dimensions of Wellbeing seeks to challenge and inspire architects and designers to think differently about their spaces and how they relate to their occupants’ needs for wellbeing, cleanliness and hygiene. From the luxurious comfort of an intelligent toilet to the effortless simplicity of a touchless faucet, bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most important spaces for cleanliness, and Kohler provides the products and technologies that bring new possibilities to familiar spaces. Dimensions of Wellbeing seeks to empower architects and designers to create spaces with personalized technologies, intuitive experiences and responsive environments that seamlessly unify stunning design with thoughtful functionality.

  • Touchless Faucets

    Touchless Faucets

    Touchless faucets enable the creation of greater hygiene and peace of mind in the bathroom and kitchen. Allowing the user to turn the faucet on with a simple wave of the hand, a touchless faucet combines elegant style with confidence-inspiring functionality.

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  • Intelligent Toilets

    Intelligent Toilets

    With hands-free opening, closing and flushing, intelligent toilets provide an elevated sense of hygiene and personalized control, revealing the possibility of finding wellbeing in unexpected places. With their integrated technology, intuitive interfaces and water-saving designs, intelligent toilets create a sense of calm and order while contributing to environmental and personal wellbeing.

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  • Bidet Seats

    Bidet Seats

    From utilitarian to luxurious, bidet seats represent one of the simplest ways to integrate personal cleansing into any bathroom environment. With hygienic cleansing wands and models that sanitize themselves using UV light, KOHLER® bidet toilet seats enable any toilet to combine style and hygiene.

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  • Matte Black

    Matte Black

    With its calm and reassuring presence, Matte Black punctuates a space, creating purposeful emphasis and a comforting sense of structure. The soft surface humanizes a space, pairing well with diverse material sets and colors ranging from neutral to bold. Like all other KOHLER finishes, Matte Black is exceptionally durable and corrosion-resistant.