KOHLER® Bidet Seats - Upgrade your cleanliness

KOHLER® Bidet Seats - Upgrade your cleanliness

Bidet toilet seats are a gentler, more hygienic alternative to toilet paper. They can elevate your daily routine and let you experience a new level of cleansing. The cleansing can help prevent certain health problems such as infections or hemorrhoids. Once in a great while, something comes along that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. Bidet seats are such a thing.

  • Making the right choice

    Making the right choice

    KOHLER® bidet seats fit most KOHLER and competitor toilet models, and our signature bidet seat designs complement a range of decors. To confirm seat compatibility, please learn more from this link

  • Popular Models

  • Key Features:

  • Remote or side panel control

    Remote or side panel control

    Personalize your experience with intuitive controls that are conveniently located on the side of the seat or as a wall-mounted remote. You can customize and preset the spray and nozzle positions and adjust the pressure and temperature using water straight from your home’s supply line.

    It’s convenient, easy to use and keeps you cleaner.

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  • Automatic self-cleaning Wand

    Automatic self-cleaning Wand

    Ensuring superior hygiene, the seat’s spray wand is automatically rinsed with electrolyzed water before and after each use, and additional cleansing occurs automatically once every 24 hours utilizing UV light.

    The automatic UV light self-sanitization prevents the spread of germs  and keeps the toilet cleaner.

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  • Spray patterns

    Spray patterns

    Users can preset sprays and water pressure to accommodate their preferences. The water stream moves back and forth to ensure a comfortable, thorough cleansing and alternates between soft and strong for a customized experience. Moreover, it can also help to remove waste.

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  • Heated seat

    Heated seat

    The heated seat with various temperature settings comes with an easy-to-use control and preset. It allows you to adjust and set all personal preferences for the ideal comfort level.

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  • Warm water

    Warm water

    Electronic bidet seats heat the water without a separate hot water connection. With the control panel, you can preset your most comfortable water temperature to create a next-level cleansing experience for each use.

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  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Bidet seats are so easy to install—you can do it yourself. With just a few common household tools, like a screwdriver, a wrench, and plumbing tape, you’ll be all set, as long as you have an electrical connection nearby, too.  If you need additional help and visualization, check out this video on bidet seat installation.

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