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  • Digital Controls

    Digital Controls

    Why choose a digital shower? Because it gives you greater precision, control and customization than a manual shower. Its intuitive interface is incredibly easy to use, and it eliminates the handles and knobs of a manual shower, giving you a clean, uncluttered space. Plus, digital thermostatic valve technology guarantees accurate and safe temperature control.

    Digital showers let you select and set the precise water temperature. With built in features–user presets, warm-up, pause and timer–you can create your perfect showering experience. 

    With a digital system, multiple valve trims on the wall are replaced by a single easy-to-use digital interface. Add a second interface outside the showering space to activate and warm up your shower. 

    A digital shower system can be used for a single component or a fully customized showering retreat.r shower. 

  • Digital Controls


    DTV Prompt is Kohler’s entry-level digital showering system with a choice of push-button interfaces to control either two or three components. With a maximum flow of 13.0 gpm (8.0 gpm maximum flow from a single component), DTV Prompt is a perfect solution for multiple component systems such as showerhead, handshower and rain showerhead. 

    Learn more about DTV Prompt.

  • Digital Controls


    Kohler’s most advanced digital showering system with a touch-screen interface, DTV+ gives you the ability to control water, light, sound and steam for a true multi sensory showering experience. 

    Learn more about DTV+

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