Bathroom Design Tips

Bathroom Design Tips

Get ready to raise your bathroom's design IQ with the smartest new trends — plus some of the most ingenious products around.

  • 1.Smarten up your storage

    1.Smarten up your storage

    Customize your vanity with shelves, drawers and integrated electrical outlets to simplify your morning routine and keep your countertops free of clutter. Create a look that’s unique to you with your choice of finish, hardware and colored countertops.

  • 2. Save on space

    2. Save on space

    Find space-saving products like recessed medicine cabinets to make a small space feel larger

  • 3. Inject some color

    3. Inject some color

    Don’t be afraid to commit to colored fixtures. Choosing a color that works in your palette can tie your entire look together.

  • 4. Take texture up a notch

    4. Take texture up a notch

    Mix materials with a variety of tiles, woods, countertops and more. An Artist Editions® sink adds both subtle color and unique texture to the space.

  • 5. Accessorize

    5. Accessorize

    Bring color, pattern and personality into your bathroom with shower curtains, towels, storage baskets and soap dispensers.

  • 6.  Get Technical

    6. Get Technical

    Add a Touchless toilet for a more-hygienic way to flush in your home. Our Touchless technology is available in the iconic Veil, San Raphael Grande™, Cimarron™ toilets.

  • 7. Add Color and Fun

    7. Add Color and Fun

    Singing in the shower will never be the same again. Our Moxie® showerhead + wireless speaker streams up to seven hours of music from your smartphone or tablet directly to the detachable wireless speaker in the showerhead. It's the ultimate wow for any bathroom. Choose from original white or four lively new colors to brighten up your shower.

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