2022 Bathroom colors to love

2022 Bathroom colors to love

Join all the rage about the bathroom color trends.

Based on trending interior design color preferences, we selected a few favorites. The bathroom no longer an isolated, closed-off space in the house is integral to the overall home design. With a (usually) small square footage, this room is the perfect space to experiment with colors and designs. Whether it’s a full upgrade or just a remodel, updating the area where you spend a lot of your time with a new color is not only doable but also a treat.

  • The dramatic look of black

    The dramatic look of black

    Let’s dive in with the boldest of bold colors: black. The color representing strength, power, and authority won’t overwhelm this personal space. Thanks to its formality and elegance, it is gaining popularity as a dominant color in the bathroom.

    Black has either a warming effect or creates a minimalist look, depending on what you are going for. It evokes strong emotions and lends a prestigious design element for faucets and fixtures in a timeless setting that will always have a modern vibe.

    Get inspired by our Brazn™ collection and Statement™and Anthem™ showering collections.

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  • The clean, hygienic white is always in style

    The clean, hygienic white is always in style

    If you are going for coolness and simplicity, you can never go wrong with an all-white bathroom. The color gives a feeling of fresh beginnings and renewals just what you like at the start of your day. Cleanliness, purity, and cleansing represented by this color rank high in the post-pandemic season. The bright color invites clearing obstacles and clutters.

    The bathroom becomes a sanctuary for contemplation and clarity, hence white is a symbol of uncluttered spaces.

    Learn about the new minimalism with the Brazn™ collection.

  • Going for Gold

    Going for Gold

    Warm up your favorite room in the house with gold. Splurge for opulence and glamour like in traditional hotels and clubs or set deliberate accents that highlight the preciousness of the space. Gold is the color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess and never goes out of style. The warm, cocooning hue is associated with courage.

    The color’s metallic and matte components bring drama and contrast to designs. Its theatricality represents happiness and luxury with an irresistible shine. Adding this sparkle and glitz to your bathroom interiors is a sure way to start your day on a high note and end it sophistically.

    Dare to stand out with Occasion™faucets and accessories.

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  • Create a zen-like mood with Ash Grey

    Create a zen-like mood with Ash Grey

    Grounding, calm shades of gray rise in fame as eco-consciousness and natural materials, such as stone, concrete, and clay, continue to trend across all design disciplines. While sometimes described as emotionless, the color adds a sophisticated, protective touch and brings a bit of formality to the interior design landscape.

    The season-neutral Ash Grey is a strong statement less stark than black and softer than white. The hue positively affects body and mind and vouches for a safe, steady, and calm environment. Its understated qualities appeal with simplicity and minimalism.

    Enter Ash Grey’s restorative and calm atmosphere.